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Flexboxes Wrong sizing

I have tried to use Flexboxes with prince pdfs.

In the HTML everything looks fine, but when I convert the HTML to pdf via Prince the height of one element in the flex display extends depending on the content of the flex element. (See Screenshots)

Is this a known issue? Are flexboxes not supported so far?

I can reproduce the problem with the 13.5 and the latest-nightly build (prince-20200812-win64).
  1. 2020-10-01 09_20_41-Test.png12.0 kB
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  2. 2020-10-01 09_21_09-flexBoxTest.pdf_2 - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.png16.2 kB
    View in Prince created PDF
  3. flexBoxTest.html1.4 kB
    The HTML
  4. flexBoxTest.pdf16.2 kB
    Created PDF

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We have some known issues with sizing, and flexbox by its nature is particularly sensitive to sizing issues. I'll investigate this further and see if I can come up with a fix. Thanks for letting us know!

The sizing problem arises with multi-line flex containers, which in this case shows up in bootstrap's "row" class. One workaround might be to force these to be single line, e.g. with the following style rule:

.row { flex-wrap: nowrap !important; }

Hope that helps.
Thanks, works for me for the moment.

The latest build includes improved support for multi-row flex containers, which should address the problems you see here. Please let us know if you still encounter any issues.