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I have just started using Firefox for browsing. But I think a while later, I started using Prince create PDF's for web-based software that I use. I have Adobe Acrobat, the full version. How do I use Acrobat instead? I never used to have the watermark (not that it prints) and message come up.
Acrobat is for viewing and printing PDF files, whereas Prince is software for creating PDF files. Are you making the PDF files with Prince yourself, or they are created by some other online service you are using?
I have Adobe Acrobat Pro with a subscription service. It is what I use for turning web pages into PDF's and can use it to make forms. When I use the software with Chrome, I do not get the watermark. When I use Firefox to generate PDF's, I get the watermark. So, it is the browser, not the software that it using Prince to make PDF's.
Which software are you using? How do you generate the PDFs with the browser? I'm not really clear on what is going on here, and how it involves Prince.
The software is called Gentu and it is produced by
Genie Solutions
Level 2 TCB Building, 315 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
PHONE 1300 889 362 >

I press the "print button" on Firefox page, which is part of the web-based software, and it creates a PDF which is in the standard Downloads folder, and the document is automatically opened in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (that is the full name of the software). The document comes up with the attached comment. And the document has the attached watermark in the top right hand corner; it does not print.
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    comment attaced to the PDF
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Thank you I will follow up with them.