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Drop shadow + rotation + image fill

If a page contains an HTML element filled with an image (or with an SVG that contains an image) and the following two conditions are met :

1. The element has a drop shadow
2. The element is rotated

Then the orientation of the image will be incorrect in the PDF created by Prince.

As soon as one of the two conditions is not met, the resulting PDF is correct.

I am using Prince version 13.5.
  1. Rotated+NoShadow+Div.html0.3 kB
  2. Rotated+NoShadow+Div.pdf80.5 kB
  3. Rotated+NoShadow+Svg.html0.8 kB
  4. Rotated+NoShadow+Svg.pdf80.6 kB
  5. Rotated+Shadow+Div.html0.3 kB
  6. Rotated+Shadow+Div.pdf81.8 kB
  7. Rotated+Shadow+Svg.html0.9 kB
  8. Rotated+Shadow+Svg.pdf81.8 kB
  9. Straight+NoShadow+Div.html0.3 kB
  10. Straight+NoShadow+Div.pdf80.5 kB
  11. Straight+NoShadow+Svg.html0.8 kB
  12. Straight+NoShadow+Svg.pdf80.6 kB
  13. Straight+Shadow+Div.html0.3 kB
  14. Straight+Shadow+Div.pdf81.7 kB
  15. Straight+Shadow+Svg.html0.9 kB
  16. Straight+Shadow+Svg.pdf81.8 kB

Edited by mparento

Thanks, we will investigate this issue.
We have fixed this issue in the latest build, although there may be some remaining issues affecting pattern transformations that will need to wait until next year. Thanks again for letting us know! :D
I will check that. Thank you very much for your quick and reliable service!
According to my tests, the problem is solved in version 20210108. Thanks again!