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Inconsistent page breaks in element styled as a table

I have a simple document containing nested lists within a div.

For display reasons we style <ol>/<ul> elements as a table (display: table;) and <li> elements are styled as table rows (display: table-row;).

We allow users to add page breaks to any paragraph within an <li> so that they control when content is displayed on the next page.

However when we process the attached files through Prince (v13.6) we find that page breaks only occur under some of the paragraphs rather than all of them.

If we remove the table styling from the list elements then a page break is inserted after each paragraph as expected.

Please can you let us know why page breaks are being inserted inconsistently into the output?

  1. dita-print.css0.2 kB
  2. printable-document.html1.0 kB
Thanks, we will take a look at this issue.
Hi mikeday - I was just wondering if you've made any progress on this issue? Thanks!
We are still investigating whether it is possible to propagate the page break up from the table cells, it's not well specified in CSS at the moment but it would certainly be convenient.
Thanks mikeday. As you say it sure would be convenient for this to happen.
This has been fixed in the latest build.
That's great news Mark. Thanks for resolving this issue.