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Unusual behaviour with "Caudex" font

David J Prokopetz
We're seeing some unusual behaviour when converting documents that use the following Google Font:

The font works as expected when the document is viewed in a browser, and installing the font for offline use succeeds without complaint, but upon conversion, Prince produces the following warnings:

prince: warning: end of data reached unexpectedly
prince: font 'Caudex, Regular': warning: failed to subset font

These warnings appears once for each variant of the font that's used.

Additionally, in the resulting PDF, much of the text appears as gibberish. Oddly, this affects only non-bold, non-italic text; any text that's bold or italic (or both) is perfectly legible.

The following document is one we're currently working with that exhibits this issue:

The resulting PDF output can be found here: (see the inset text on page 7 for a particularly illustrative example - the italicised paragraph is legible, while individual non-italicised words within it are gibberish)

This behaviour is consistent for both the most recent release version of Prince and the latest build.

I'm not sure whether this is an issue with Prince or an issue with the font, though the fact that the font works without any obvious issues in every other context in which we've tried it suggests the former.
Thanks, we will check this out.
David J Prokopetz
I can see that a fix for this issue was noted on the development roadmap dated January 21st, but the latest build is still the one from January 8th. Do you have any plans to update the latest build in the near future?
Yes, we will update the latest build.
We have a latest build available now with a fix for this issue!
David J Prokopetz
Yep, looks like it works fine now. Thanks!