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prince: internal error: append_structure_element_kid: table when building PDF using --tagged-pdf option


I tried to find any information about causing this error "internal error: append_structure_element_kid: table", but I couldn't. Can I get clarification on when it is triggered? It doesn't happen if there isn't the --tagged-pdf option.

That error occurs when I try to embed a separate piece of code into the main html document and that piece contains the <thead> or <tfoot> tags inside <table> tag. When it is just a table without a header and footer - this works and pdf generates.

Could you please help to resolve this issue?

Which version of Prince are you using? Would you be able to attach or email me ( some HTML and CSS that reproduces the problem?
This issue has been fixed in Prince 14.1, available now! Thanks for letting us know. :D
Excellent! Thanks a lot!