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Security features don't seem to work with PDF/A


I am trying to create a PDF/A document that can be printed and opened by anyone, but has copying and modification disabled. Everything seems to be created normally, but no security is being set on the output PDF.

The command line I am using is:

/usr/bin/prince --raster-threads=1 --pdf-profile=PDF/A-3a --input=html --encrypt --key-bits=40 --disallow-copy --disallow-modify --disallow-annotate --owner-password=password1 --structured-log=quiet --log=/home/amcadmin/prince/log/prince.log -v -o /tmp/output20210429-11153-7h3dnu.pdf /tmp/input20210429-11153-qbxv7k.html

Is there anything I am missing?
PDF permissions require encryption, but encryption is forbidden by PDF/A.

I have just found out that there is a different mechanism by which usage rights may be enforced by specific PDF readers, without encryption, but Prince is unable to create those PDF files. I'm not sure if they would be compliant with PDF/A standards.
That explains what I am seeing, thanks.

Sounds like I will have to go for Plan B