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Flexbox overflowing & Block limiting flex child's children's width

Parent: box
Child: Row with flex
Grandchild: column content with a border-left

When I change the box's display to flex and flex-col, the grandchild overflows.
When I change the box's display to block, the grandchild doesn't get full height ➡️ not showing the border all the way.
See attached pdfs

codepen with html and css structure where everything seems to be working correctly:

Any Solutions?
  1. flexboxpdf.pdf76.3 kB
    Parent has flex columns
  2. princepdfblock.pdf76.8 kB
    Parent is a block
Thanks, we will take a look at this.
Hello, any updates on this behaviour?
Sorry for the delay we will attempt to get back to you shortly.

I think the issue is that we don't currently implement "align-self: stretch" for flex items in row containers. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Today we have released a new latest build with support for 'align-self: stretch' for flex items in a fragmented flex row container.