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Debugging "dropping unpackable block"


I've got an HTML page, which cannot be rendered correctly with PrinceXML.
When turning -v on, there are about 7 "dropping unpackable block" messages.

How can one locate the problem?

The PDF was created, but the layout is not correct; all 'advanced' features are missing, like automatic numbering, page numbering general page layout.

Simple stuff, like background colors, are present in the resulting PDF file.

Kind regards

Would you be able to email me ( some HTML and CSS that demonstrates the problem?
Hello Mike, I solved this by reducing everything to the basics and finally found out, that only a class was missing on the <body>. After adding the class, the problems disappeared.

BTW: There are CSS lint tools on the market, but what I am missing is a tool which finds and lists all missing CSS selectors from HTML pages, like when you're writing class="mystyle" and mystyle is not defined. PrinceXML would be in a perfect position to do this analysis. Ideally, it would go over a range of documents and check all of them. It would be nice, if it could output all errors it finds.