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Footnote combining

Hi, how do I combine footnotes on the last column in a 3 columns template? Right now I have footnote 1 at the bottom of col 2 and footnote 2 at bottom of column 3. Is there a way of combining them together at the bottom of the last column?
Thank you
I don't think it's possible to express this layout yet, at least not if the columns are fragmented across more than one page. But it does sound like a reasonable thing to want!
(Nevertheless, do consider the variation of using page footnotes instead of column footnotes, which does at least gather footnotes from all columns to one area.)
You can achieve the requested effect by using "paged floats". That is, you can float elements to the bottom of the column, and specify that they should be "deferred" until the last column:
.fn {
  float: bottom;
  float-defer-column: last;
  float-policy: in-order;

The "float-order: in-order" is necessary for footnotes to appear in the order you expect, otherwise they are shown with the first footnote at the bottom (as it was floated first).

There is a complete example in this guide: