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Removing blur borders on images

We are using a blur effect on cover images and in order to remove the blurry border created with the CSS blur filter we are using overflow hidden. Our code is setup like this:

<div class='container'>
 <div class='img-holder'>
  <div class='img'>

The container has overflow hidden and is set to have the dimensions of the page with position relative.
The img-holder is positioned absolute with negative top, right, bottom, left values
img has a background image with the blur filter

This works like a charm in the browser when viewing print preview, but it looks like the scale effect used to create the overflow of the image is not applied in prince. See my attached minimal example.
  1. mytitlepic.html1.1 kB
    minimal example
It seems that removing the "brightness" filter also removes the blurry border?
There appears to be a bug when the blur isn't the first filter, we should a fix for this shortly.
The fix for this filter issue is available now in the latest build, thanks for letting us know about it! :D
Thanks a lot :-) This was very helpful! You have an Impressive bugfixing pace!