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Font recommendation for Polish characters?

Do you have a recommendation of a font for the Polish language? Some Polish special characters are printing too bold in the PDF. We changed the font from sans serif to a serif and it helped a lot, but not 100% -- those Polish characters are still bolder than the others. We haven't landed on the best font yet and would appreciate any recommendations.
Which operating system are you running Prince on, which fonts have you tried, and which letters are giving you trouble?

Most modern Latin fonts should include all the glyphs needed for Polish, I attach a PDF file demonstrating Times New Roman, DejaVu Serif, and Liberation Sans.
  1. polish.pdf34.5 kB
Thank you for the reply. It's running with Unix. We've tried many fonts -- I've just tried the three you suggested -- all have the same issue.

Could you show a polish pdf again but with some letters that are non-special-Polish character alongside it? In other words, some letters from English A-Z. It is the difference of boldness that is the issue. If I see the same difference between the boldness in your sample, I'll know that we've gone as far as we can. (I don't think the difference is that pronounced, it's not too bad, but we are seeking the best possible solution before closing out this issue.)

Thank you!
  1. New-Times_Roman-Polish.jpg10.0 kB
    Example with Times New Roman
That looks like it's falling back to a different font, would you be able to email me ( one of the PDFs to take a look?