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SVG Image Being Dropped

As part of a bug I reported back in December it was suggested that we use the build candidate #20211123. This did correct that bug but we just discovered the following bug.

When we we create a PDF using build #20211123 it drops one of our SVG's. It is no where in the PDF. When we run the exact same publication using Prince 14.2 it is rendered correctly. (See attached screen captures.)

Within this same PDF I have 3 other SVG's that are rendering correctly.
  1. using-build-20211123.png1.2 MB
  2. using-prince-14.2.png1.2 MB
Could you post some sample code that demonstrates the problem (or send it to Thanks.
Yes. Let me simplify and scrub the PII out of it first and then I will send it to you.
This appears to be a layering bug where the markup has three items: an image, a div block of color, and another image, all absolutely positioned, and the third image should be drawn on top of the others but isn't.

You can work around this issue by applying "z-index: 1" to the image which should make it visible again and should not cause any problems even when the bug is fixed.