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Garbled Chinese text copied from Acrobat XI

For some time I've noticed that PDF files generated by PrinceXML that contain Chinese characters don't play perfectly well with Acrobat XI (the only version I have). That is, the text copied from Acrobat is garbled (see the attachment), but other viewers like SumatraPDF and Foxit Reader work fine.

Not all Chinese fonts have this issue. A specific Chinese font may work well in one CSS setting and fail in another, which is quite annoying. Some Chinese fonts (e.g. Microsoft Yahei) are stabler than others.

Unfortunately I fail to produce a minimal example. A reproducible example can be found in the attachment.

zh-cn.pdf is generated by:

prince -s foo.css -o zh-cn.pdf

The "Source Han Serif CN" font is from this project. Direct download:

copied-Acrobat_XI.txt and copied-SumatraPDF_3.3.3.txt contain text copied from Acrobat XI and SumatraPDF, respectively.

Thank you very much!
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Thanks, we will investigate this issue.
We have a fix for this Acrobat bug in the latest build, thanks again for letting us know! :D
Amazing! Thank you very much.