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remove underline under footer marker

One of the user is adding footnotes on a phrase that is underlined so the footnote marker is underlined as well. How can I remove the underline from footnote marker?
  1. underline footnote marker.html3.3 kB
    sample html to reproduce the issue
  2. underline footnote marker.pdf65.2 kB
    sample pdf displaying the issue
The underlining in your example is caused by the <u> element. If you want the underlining to end earlier, you should end the element earlier. For example, like this:
<p class="paragraphblock">This footnote is anchored to an <u>underlined <span data-footnote="f-KXeufYHTYfLX1eFn">word</span></u><span class="fn2"><span>This is a underline test</span></span></p>

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