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Support for vector-effect="non-scaling-stroke"

I am trying to render a few SVG elements that make use of the vector-effect property in an SVG path and are then scaled via a transformation.


Prince honors the original stroke-width but ignores the `vector-effect` attribute and scales the stroke together with the content. Here is the spec for non-scaling-stroke in the W3C SVG standard:
The attribute seems to be supported by most modern browsers:

You can find a test document attached to this message illustrating the problem. The request to render the document looks like this:

prince non_scaling_stroke.html -o non_scaling_stroke.pdf --page-size="924pt 666pt" --page-margin=0 --media print

Am I missing something here or should I rather implement a workaround?

Thanks for your support
  1. non_scaling_stroke.html0.8 kB
    sample document using vector-effect attr

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Prince doesn't support the vector-effect attribute yet, we will need to investigate the practicality of supporting this.
Thank you very much.
We would like to see this supported as well. Right now we have to transform the paths by parsing, manipulating the path data, and serializing again.