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Documents containing multiple SVG files with embedded subsets of the same font fail preflight checks

David J Prokopetz
It appears that when an HTML document containing multiple SVG files which in turn contain embedded subsets of the same font is converted, the result is a PDF with non-unique embedded font names.

If you examine the PDF that's produced from the attached examples, you should see that the name "EncodeSansSC-Bold" appears twice, in two distinct embedded subsets, when listing the document's fonts.

This in turn causes the PDF to fail Adobe preflight checks because of the non-unique embedded font names.

An ideal resolution would be for Prince to identify when it's looking at multiple distinct subsets of the same embedded font in this scenario, and collapse them into a single embedded font in the resulting document, but failing that, as far as I'm aware there's no rule against having multiple, distinct embedded subsets of the same font under different names – it's really just the overlapping names in the resulting document that's the issue.
  1. test.html0.2 kB
  2. test1-subsetted.svg3.1 kB
  3. test2-subsetted.svg3.2 kB

Edited by David J Prokopetz

Thanks for the test case, we should have a fix for this issue next week.
We have a fix for this in the latest builds, where fonts with the same name will be renamed to disambiguate them.