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Merge PDFs and maintain accessibility support

Hi community,

this is not a new problem, but one I haven't seen a solution for:

For a series of articles I am using Prince XML to create tagged and accessible PDFs. These are fine.

However, when I merge them (currently with GhostScript) to the final PDF I lose most of the accessibility features: primary language info, tags, image alt texts etc.

I'm keen to hear if you have solved this issue already and which merge tool you have used.

Ideally it would be a tool that supports command-based usage.

Thank you!
Here is what I have found so far:

Pdftk: Can't set opening properties (magnification etc)
GhostScript: Loses tags, default language, title etc.
CPdf: Only preserves tags of the last individual PDF, needs commercial license
PdfBox: Doesn't maintain bookmarks or meta info