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Trying to center and justify text inb a table column based on a certain character like a , comma.

We have tables which contain dollar amounts and we want to align the data in the columns with characters such as the , . Our current system supports this. See the comma-align-xpp image attached. I have been able to get close using right padding after I try to determine the center. But one problem I see is when we have dollars in (). Plus the padding is sometimes off so the data is to far right or left. See the comma-align image.

I have done some reading and see that this is not supported in html/css by default. But they say that you can create something like the padding which I tired but there are a lot of variables and different tables making it hard to get this working with all tables.

Does Prince/Doc Raptor or any users here have a dependable solution to this problem?

Thanks in advance.
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I would be tempted to try adding a figure space after any amount that isn't wrapped in parentheses rather than using padding, it seems like that would might be easier to get right.