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Prince 15 released!

Today we have released Prince 15!
  • Create PDF Forms from HTML
  • Add PDF comments/annotations
  • Use more JavaScript ES6 features
  • Include WebP and AVIF images
  • Typeset text in Khmer and Sinhala fonts
  • Run Prince on Macs with Apple Silicon
The full list of changes and improvements can be found in the release notes.

Thank you to everyone who uses Prince, we hope you will find this to be the best release yet!
This is definitely the best release yet! We're super excited.

Regarding the JavaScript improvements, is there a JavaScript standards/features list or anything that describes the JavaScript functionality that Prince now supports vs what Chromium, et al, support? Sort of like the,safari+16.1&compareCats=all page? Just trying to get a clear picture of the state of things.

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There is unfortunately no comparison with browser support - but documentation is updated:
JavaScript in Prince
JavaScript Support