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Error Message R2336

I consistently get the error message R2336. Do you know where a list of deciphering error message codes is?
I apologize for not replying earlier.

Although I haven't replied, I have at least been working on a fix for this problem over the last three weeks. I have now tested that that fix avoids the problem. There isn't yet a build available; I will write again when it is.

In the meantime, here is some information to help avoid the problem.

The problem arises from a failure to handle the case of justified text where a float fills the entirety of the available width near the end of a page.

[Out of curiosity, what's the idea behind ‘float:left; width:100%’ for rulesets such as div.interlinear_example, in the example you sent us separately? Those two declarations seem somewhat contradictory.]

Either of the below is a workaround for the document you sent:

1. Using 'clear' to advance past the wide float, e.g.:
div.interlinear_example + *,
.wrapping + *,
.words_freetrans + *,
.SIL02LevelHead.sigil_not_in_toc[data-number] {
    clear: left !important;

2. Force a different code path (and different line-breaking decisions) by adding a float to the end of the justified paragraph:
div.interlinear_example + *::after,
.wrapping + *::after,
.words_freetrans + *::after,
.SIL02LevelHead.sigil_not_in_toc[data-number]::after {
    content: ''; width: 0; float: right;
I'm curious to hear if there are any developments with this? I'm getting R2336, too, and it's very difficult to debug on a large, complex publication.

I don't get this error using Prince 11. We're trying to upgrade to using the latest Prince for Books, which is where we're getting the error.