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Nested annotations


Thank you for implementing PDF annotations in Prince 15!

Is there an "official" way to code nested annotations (i.e. annotations with replies)?
I'm using code like this, but there may be a better way:

<p>Lorem ipsum 
<span class="annotation" data-author="Somebody" data-moddate="2023-05-16" data-contents="A comment">
<span class="annotation" data-author="SomebodyElse" data-moddate="2023-05-18" data-contents="First reply">
<span class="annotation" data-author="DifferentPerson" data-moddate="2023-05-18" data-contents="Second reply">dolor</span>
    sit amet

Thank you!

Could you post a PDF document which shows the result you are looking for?
The above code produces file annotations1.pdf whereas adding a comment and replies in Acrobat Reader produces file annotations2.pdf, with the replies nicely linked to the original comment. So I was wondering if I could generate something similar.
  1. annotations1.jpg5.0 kB
    screenshot of 1st file
  2. annotations1.pdf28.9 kB
    File produces by Prince
  3. annotations2.jpg6.4 kB
    screenshot of 2nd file
  4. annotations2.pdf29.8 kB
    File produced by Adobe Reader
Thanks for posting. It seems different PDF browsers/viewers show these annotations quite differently. As such, it may take a while until this feature becomes widely used. At that point, we may look into this again; it's not something we support at this point.