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No TOC (Table of Content) Output via comman line on mac, but via gui on windows

i've installed the prince gui on windows and can generate a pdf with the toc.

i have a second computer (mac) and wanted to test how it works to output a pdf via the command line.
it works great, but the toc is not being generated.

Have not anything in the docs or forum.
Is there something i need to beware of or what could be the reason?

thanks a lot
Could you try run this from the command-line and see if the ToC is included?:
prince -o foo.pdf

The example is borrowed from this guide on how to generate ToCs with Prince:

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no, the ToC is not included.

That's how i also implemented the ToC in my Code.
What could be the issue?
Ops, I forgot to turn on JavaScript. Try this:
prince -j -o foo.pdf

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ah, this did the trick.
i dont know, why i did'nt realized it myself, as it is written in the docs.