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PrinceXML v.15 display font PDF is not like HTML


I have the problem with PrinceXMLv.15 while v.14 is not occurred

I use the font LN TILOK to display Lanna Script.

I convert to woff and then export to PDF by using prince v.15.

There are some characters missing in PDF. Please see in attachment picture to compare HTML and PDF.

ex. พุเทธฯx. => Seem to it is missing to execute font script in LN TILOK.

Do you have any ideas to sort out this issue?

  1. princexml_lanna.png298.8 kB
Could you please attach a sample HTML document that we can use to reproduce this issue?
Hi Mikeday

Kindly see the sample in attachment to compare result prince 14.4 and prince 15.2 while prince 14.4 is correct as expectation.

  1. lanna-export-pdf-issue.zip194.5 kB
Thank you we should have a fix for this issue in January, although I note that in Prince 14 (and browsers too?) some of the glyphs seem to overlap, which looks a bit strange to me; I don't know if this is intentional behaviour for this font.
Thank you Mikeday for information. We are looking for new version Princexml to fix the issue.

This glyphs are the specific for Tai Lanna which has the specific culture of the antique Thai language.
The glyphs is not registered to Unicode Standard so it has been implemented under Thai Unicode with special glyphs for Customize Font.
This issue with Thai shaping has been fixed in the latest build, thanks for letting us know! :)
Thank you. I will try it.