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Table of Contents not linking to chapters in PDF

Hi all!

I have managed to generate a pdf file containing a toc, but when i try and follow the link that is provided by the TOC, i get an error saying that that file or folder cant be found.

Im just confused as to where i am going wrong, i have followed the provided documentation and i am using the commnd prince --no-warn-css --input-list "/home/flynng/docsite/architecture/public/test/pdf/docsite.txt" -o docsite.pdf (modified from prince toc.html ch1.html ch2.html -o musick.pdf, because i have hundereds of https:// pages and im not individually writing them into the command line) to generate the pdf with the toc and page content.

I am using docusaurus as the static site generator if that provides more info.
Any help is appreciated:)
Could you post your code? A minimized subset would be helpful.

There's also a guide here which may be useful:

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