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xref page / href - page id's based on links

I'm currently using something like:

<a href="#SOME-ID" class="xref"></a>

with css:
    a.xref::after {
      content: target-counter(attr(href, url), page);

Which correctly links and displays page numbers for *SOME* but not *ALL* references. Should this not apply to all a tags with class xref ? Is there anything that would stop prince from picking up on an href/xref ? Thanks for your help in advance!

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Is there anything different about the references where it doesn't work? Is any number showing up at all? Can you check if a selector like a.xref can change the color of the link, just to make sure it's matching?
It appears to be a width and margin issue with text truncated / not wrapping. I shrunk the area from 100% to 80% and colored the links magenta and they showed up. Thank you!