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really suppress word break after slash

Richard B. Kreckel
Is there a way to really, really suppress a break after a slash, no matter what?

I am particularly concerned about tables, where I want funny special strings like 'DABD→7/32' not to break in cells because the whole thing is a special token. I'ld like to instruct Prince to go steal the space instead from another column or, if that fails, even make the table a little bit wider than the page.

I've tried putting it in spans with style="word-break: keep-all; prince-line-break-magic: none;"> but it doesn't seem to change anything.

We're using Prince 12.5.
The property is "prince-linebreak-magic: none", without a hyphen between "linebreak", hopefully that should work!
Richard B. Kreckel
OMG, facepalm m-(
Thank you, Mike!