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I am trying this:

@font-face {
  font-family: "Mono";
  src: url("../fonts/NotoSansMono-VariableFont_wdth,wght.ttf");
  font-stretch: 62.5%;

It works in the browser, but PrinceXML won't stretch the font. Should I expect this to work, and look for an error on my side, or is this a known limitation? I am using PrinceXML version 15.1.
Prince 15 does not support variable fonts, please try the latest builds.
Hi, I tried prince-20240328-ubuntu22.04-amd64, and it didn't seem to work either.
It seems this is an issue in Prince when the @font-face rule does not include the full range of values for the variable axis, we will fix this shortly.
This issue has been fixed in the latest builds, thanks for letting us know. :D