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Fence operators are stretched incorrectly with <mtable> in MathML

The following MathML produces a formula with an incorrectly stretched open curly bracket.


The expected and actual results are shown in the attached images.

Also consider using bracket pieces (such as U+239B) instead of stretching the glyph directly if possible (Check if these glyphs are available in the font first.)

Prince Version: 15.3
  1. 20240526225428.png6.1 kB
    Actual result
  2. 20240526225535.png2.2 kB
    Expected result (Chrome)
Apologies, our focus at the moment is on supporting MathML via third-party JavaScript libraries like MathJax and KaTeX, although it would be nice to do a better job of rendering it natively also.
That would be nice as well. Thanks for your reply!