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Float continued on next page


I have a block that is always floated to the top of a page. When the text of this floated block goes long, it continues on next page (say it occupies half of page x). The problem is that the floated block leaves half of page x blank.

I want text (body content) to be continued after this floated block.

Did anyone come across such a problem?

Here's my CSS definition for the floated block:
.float {
display: block;
float: top;
margin-bottom: 1em;
padding: 0;
clear: both;

Today we have released Prince 6.0 rev 5, which should have fixed this issue. If the problem is still there, please email me a test document so that we can reproduce the issue. (
It appears that this unnecessary page break is caused by a bug regarding the interaction between named pages and page floats. I've added this issue to the roadmap and we will endeavour to fix this for the next release of Prince. Thanks for letting us know! :)
The new 6.0 rev 6 maintenance release is out, and the bug should now be fixed. Thanks again for letting us know! :)