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Odd interaction between column breaks and column floats.

David J Prokopetz

I've noticed a strange interaction between column breaks and column floats. Consider these two examples:

In example3.xml, there's a gap below the sidebar (which is "floated prince-column-bottom"), while in example4.xml, the gap is absent. The only difference between the two is that the latter has an extra bit of text following the floated element.

I'm not entirely certain, but I think what's happening is that when the following section header gets pulled to the next page by its "page-break-after: avoid" property, the "gap" it leaves behind in the previous column is ending up under the column float, rather than above it.

Is this the intended behaviour?


- Dave.
David J Prokopetz
Had to think about that one, eh? ;)

I'm not asking for any particular action in response to this one - I just want to know if it's the intended behaviour or not. If this is indeed what's supposed to be happening in this situation, I can start figuring out how to work around it.
It seems that column floats aren't moving to the very bottom of the column, they are only moving to be the last item in the column. This is inconsistent with page floats, so we will probably change it in the next release to move to the absolute bottom of the column.
We have now released Prince 6.0 rev 6, which fixes this bug and moves column floats to the very bottom of the column in which they appear.