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A few questions about flow


I am using named flows to put HTML content into the margins. It works well but I have a few questions.

Here is the structure of my HTML and CSS:

@page {
  @bottom-center {
    content: flow(footer);

#footer {
  flow: static(footer);
.pageNumber {
  content: counter(page);


<div id="footer">
  lots of HTML here.
  This is page <span class="pageNumber"></span>

1) Is there a restriction on which HTML elements I can flow into the footer i.e. can the footer div contain more-or-less any HTML?

2) What does the "start" parameter on flow do? I saw this post, but I'm still completely baffled:

3) In my example above, you can see that the HTML I flow in the header includes a page counter. I am overjoyed that this puts the correct page number on each page. Am I being lucky here, or can I rely on this in the future?

4) "content: flow(footer);" works but "content: prince-flow(footer);" does not. Is that intentional?

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Sorry - posted into bugs by mistake. Can you move it to "how do I"?


1) More or less, yes. :)

2) The start parameter allows you to take content from the end of the document and flow it into a header or footer that applies from the beginning of the document.

3) Yes, page counters inside flowed content are very useful.

4) This looks like an oversight, we should support prince-flow as it's currently still a Prince-specific feature.
The Prince 6.0 rev 6 maintenance release now supports the "prince-flow" syntax.