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create pdf from multiple source files in ASP

I'm trying to create a single pdf from multiple source files, using the ActiveX/COM interface. Is there a way to do this?

I can't get any of the following syntaxes to work:
pr.Convert("full_url_1 full_url_2",pdf_path)
//multiple urls separated by spaces as a single argument
//multiple urls separated by commas as a single argument
//urls as separate arguments

If the above is not possible, could you show me how to do what I want by using ASP to run command-line Prince? Tips on setting IIS 6 permissions to allow this are welcome.

Whichever way I do it, I'd like to put page breaks in the pdf between content from different files.

Doing this from the command-line is easy, just use the following command:
prince file1.html file2.html ... -o out.pdf

We simply haven't added support for this to the ActiveX/COM interface yet.
Do you support this from the ActiveX/COM interface yet?
Yes, we just updated the .NET interface this week, and it now includes a ConvertMultiple() method. :)

Oops, I just realised you were asking about ActiveX. No, this has not been done yet.
We have now updated the ActiveX/COM wrapper to add a new ConvertMultiple method and some other helpful options.