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Table of contents?

A while ago I was thinking about how to make the life easier for the guy at work who produces all the documentation for our products using InDesign. The problem is that the number of files are next to unmanageble. Just thinking about updating documents makes one's head hurt. Since I'm relatively well-versed in PHP and MySQL, I thought that maybe a CMS would be in place. But after thinking about it I realized that the table of contents and page numbering would not work out, until I read an article at ALA, about you guys making a book using Prince. I don't know all ins and outs when it comes to making documentation, but I could easily make our documentation nicer looking using XHTML and CSS then how they look today. I also imagine that a CMS would make our lives much easier. The issues I face doing this is building a table of contents. The images (.eps) can maybe be exported to .png or .tiff or something and since page numbering is mentioned in the documentation, I think I'm ready to give it a try. But what about building a table of contents?
A table of contents can be generated automatically and added to the input document using a script or an XSLT transform.

For example, Bert Bos' multitoc script can generate a table of contents from a set of HTML files.

In the future we may include some sample scripts/transforms for creating tables of contents with Prince.