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Prince 6.0 rev 7 released

Today we have released Prince 6.0 rev 7, a maintenance release that includes new features, bug fixes and performance improvements. Customers using Prince 6.0 are encouraged to download this new version, which is available as a free upgrade. Highlights of this release include:

* Support for CMYK TIFF and JPEG images.

* Performance improvements for documents with many elements.

* Lots more, see the release notes.

Thanks to everyone who has given us feedback on Prince 6.0! :D

carl johnson
Do you guys have some sort of RSS feed so that we could be notified of updates automatically?

Also, could you talk about your plans for Prince 7.0? I've heard it might support Japanese vertical writing… Is there a timeframe that you are aiming at for release?

Thanks and keep up the good work!
We don't have an RSS feed for announcements, although it would make sense. We'll look into it. :)

For Prince 7.0 we're concentrating on OpenType font support and internationalization. There is a roadmap online, scroll down to see what we're planning. In short: kerning, ligatures, proper small-caps, support for Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew, Hindi, and possibly other Indic scripts.

We hadn't planned to support vertical text at this time, but that's mainly because we've had less demand for it than other features. It's something we could look into, and any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated.