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counter-increment: page fails—workaround to page float bug?

Chris Thorman
Hi Mike,

I was hoping I'd find a partial workaround to the page float bug:

... by manually deleting the blank pages after generating, and adding this CSS so that the page number count would magically line up again:

div.photopage {
counter-increment: page -1; /* also tried -2 */

However, I found that any value for counter-increment: page is being ignored. I see in other forum replies that this is apparently intentional because "it's not clear what this would mean." (Presumably this reason is because prince's internal counter is somehow tied to this -- otherwise, counter-reset: page would also be unsupported.)

This seems like another bug, but one that might just be a quick easy fix and could therefore be a partial workaround while we wait for the real fix in the roadmap. Is this indeed an easy bug fix?

Hope blooms eternal, :-)

Perhaps we can take another look at this issue. One problem with changing the page counter half way through a page is that it complicates cross-references that reference the page counter. It is easier to modify the page counter on named pages, but that brings us back to the issue of combining named pages and page floats.
Good news everyone! We will be supporting counter-increment for the page counter on elements in Prince 7.0. :D
Keep up the good work. I see you making progress towards 7.0. :)

Jim Albright
Wycliffe Bible Translators

The beta is now out, and allows the page and pages counter to be reset and incremented on block elements.