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quoted text is not hyphenated

is there a way to hyphenate quoted words like "quotedword" ?
also, it seems that in a multi column layout a word will not be hyphenated if a part of the hyphenated word will end up at the top of the next column.
is this a know issue / a fix?

best regards


first issue was fixed using the text-replacing mechanism

prince-text-replace: "„" "„\200B" "“" "\200B“";

The quoted word issue appears to be a bug; we will try to fix this in a future release. Also, Prince tries to avoid hyphenating words across pages, and this may be affecting hyphenation across columns. We'll take a look. :)
cool, thanks for the fast answer.
Today we have released Prince 6.0 rev 8, which fixes the issue affecting hyphenation of words with leading punctuation such as quotes. Thanks for reporting the issue! :)
The new beta for Prince 7.0 includes a TeX-style justification algorithm, and will now hyphenate the last word of a column or page if it judges it more aesthetically pleasing to do so.