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PDF creation date


Does anyone know how to specify the 'Created' date in the generated PDF files?

I've tried adding any one of the following meta tags to no avail...

<meta name="date" content="2008-11-11">

<meta name="created" content="2008-11-11">

<meta name="Created" content="2008-11-11">
Prince doesn't support this yet, we'll see if we can add this feature to the next release.
Today we have released Prince 6.0 rev 8, which supports the "date" meta tag and maps it to the PDF creation date.
(Sorry for awful english)
And what is the proper date/time format for "date" meta-tag? I've tried:
<meta name="Date" content="01/04/2009"/>
<meta name="Date" content="2009-04-01"/>
but nothing worked. Desired date is 01-Apr-2009; working with version 6.0 rev 8.
Oops, that's actually a bug in Prince. The correct format is "2009-04-01", however Prince is embedding it in the PDF file incorrectly, as "200941", without adding the leading zero, which is why it does not show up in Acrobat. Sorry about this! We will certainly fix it in the next release.
Thanks for fast reply!
Anyway, the "correct" dates are shown with time "03:00:00" (Bulgarian locale settings) after date. That's why I asked about date/time format for this field.
Thank again; waiting for next revision.
Good point, I will add time support to the roadmap for the next release.
The new beta release of Prince 7.0 supports combined date/time values now in the standard ISO format.
For future reference, here is an example of the date/time metadata format :

<meta name="date" content="2011-02-15T09:47:44"/>

Seems to take the current timezone.