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Is this possible?

I am not that familiar with all the counter and string-set etc tricks .. but after seeing the example in the header / footer section about the title of the page containing the name of the current chapter I thought there is hope :).

I have a requirement to print a document up to the last full page, but I need to know what is the last 'element' that was printed on the last full page. Starting with html and ending up with pdf, I don't know what is what is the last row of a table that was printed on the last full page (knowing the first row on the very last page would suffice as well).

So I was wondering, if there is a way to set an attribute, meta variable, bookmark or something on each page break that I can later extract with a tool like pdftk.

BTW, I currently use pdftk to extract the number of pages in pdf. Is there a way for prince to tell me such information?
That sounds tricky. We may be able to extend Prince in the future to produce status messages including the total page count, but I'm not sure I fully understand your other request.
We've added a new --log-stats command-line option to Prince 7.0 which prints out the total page count of the document.