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'pages' counter and resetting page count

I wanted to add a cover page to a document that didn't increment the page counter. That's relatively easy to do and covered in the documentation (using counter-reset and named pages).

Unfortunately I have "Page 1 of 50" using the pages counter and that includes my pages counter so if I have a 2 page document where one page is a cover page the second page shows "Page 1 of 2".

Is there any way around this?
At the moment the pages counter is always the physical number of pages in the output document. We are considering different mechanisms for allowing the pages counter to be reset, or perhaps scoped to a particular section of the document.

In the meantime, a workaround could be to include a block element at the end of your document with a unique id, and link to that using target-counter to get the page number of the last page of the document instead of using the pages counter. Sorry for the inconvenience.
The new beta version of Prince 7.0 includes support for resetting the pages counter, which allows more flexibility in creating documents made up of multiple independent sections.