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Landscape pages rotated


Thanks for the clarification on this issue (landscape pages rotated 90 degrees in the "How do I" forum).

I would like to add this feature to a wish list for future editions of Prince. Ideally, I would like Prince to be able to print the contents of a page in landscape but retain the page orientation as portrait. Further, it would be great if the footer and header on that page were able to remain in their typical portrait positions at the top and bottom of the page (and not appear on the left and right edges of the portrait-rotated landscape content page).

The use for this feature is when an author may want to present a table that is very wide (too wide for a typical portrait page). Lightening Source (the world's biggest Print On Demand provider) requires that all of its 'portrait' PDFs contain all pages in 'portrait' orientation. You cannot mix a PDF with portrait and landscape pages. However, we *DO* want to mix the *content* of those pages so that the very wide tables can be presented as landscape CONTENT on a portrait PAGE. Does this make sense?

This does make sense. It seems that we might need a new property for this, distinct from the page size property, as you only want the page body content to be rotated and the page itself and margin boxes to stay as they are. Perhaps "prince-page-orientation" or something like that, or maybe we can reuse Apple's proposal for arbitrary transformations in CSS.
Is there a solution to this? I have a similiar need for content to be in landscape but the generated page to stay in portrait.
We do support CSS Transformations now, so that is one approach. Difficult to use for multi-page content, though.
Prince 10 is now available, and includes a new @page property called prince-rotate-body which can be used to create landscape pages more conveniently.