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Footnotes like the current draft

I know Prince supports footnotes using it's custom property, but I would like to be able to generate footnotes using the method in the latest CSS3 generated content draft. Are there any plans for this?

13.1. Footnote elements

To make an element into a footnote, leaving a marker behind:

fn { content: footnote; }

By carefully defining the computation rules of initial values, this causes the following:

/* Replace the element with a footnote leader counter */
fn { content: counter(footnote, footnotes); }

/* Move the content of the element into the '::alternate'
pseudo-element, and mark that pseudo-element to be moved
to the footnote area. */
fn::alternate { content: contents; move-to: footnotes; }

/* Make the footnote marker be the footnote counter */
fn::alternate::marker { content: counter(footnote, footnotes); }

/* Make the footnote area expect to receive footnotes. */
@footnote { content: pending(footnotes); }

Note that there is no magic involved, the computation rules are simply carefully designed to compute as described above.
Prince does not support this syntax, and this syntax will be substantially altered in future drafts of this CSS3 module. When a consensus has been reached on the syntax for defining footnotes within the CSS working group we will certainly support it! :)