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Easier manual MathML vertical alignment


I see support for vertical-align: baseline is still on the roadmap. It would be great to have that, because the workaround of specifying a length for the property isn't very satisifying; I find it's quite tricky to find the appropriate value for a given <math> element!

In the meantime, I think a useful workaround would be if it were possible to specify the element within the <math> whose baseline is to be used. My guess is that would be easier to implement than full vertical-align: baseline support. It could be used like this:
<p>Yes, <math style="vertical-align: baseline"><msub><mi style="prince-math-baseline: baseline">x</mi><mn>1</mn></msub> <mo>+</mo> <mn>1</mn></math> is the answer.</p>
which specifies the that the baseline of the element with that property is the baseline of the whole <math> element.

Appropriate rules would be needed for which takes precedence when multiple descendants have the property set, e.g. first in document order. Perhaps other simple manual baseline specifications would make sense, too, but the above case comes to mind as a common one.

Is this: (a) a good idea, (b) feasible, and (c) indeed easier to implement than full vertical-align: baseline support on <math>?


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Thanks, we'll take a look at this idea and see what we can do! :)
Thanks for the consideration. :)
Baseline alignment of MathML is fixed in Prince 8.0, now available in beta.