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SVG foreignObject and <styles> element for 7.1

Hello Michael,

just read the roadmap of Prince and there are some promising intentions regarding your SVG implementation.
We would really love to have foreignObject as a new feature, at least for the rendering of simple paragraphs. It is a real pain not to have word wrapping in SVG, support for a foreignObject XHTML region would make it so easy.

Also support for the <styles> element would be great, since we had to do some workarounds for SVG graphs imported from MS VISIO until now.

Do you think you can add both features for version 7.1, and when will the next version be shipped?
Thank You

- - -

We've now released 7.1, and are planning to include the SVG improvements in 7.2. The <style> element will definitely be added, and we'll do our best to get the <foreignObject> element in too.
We've now released a beta version of Prince 8.0, which supports the SVG <style> element, but not the foreignObject element yet.
Any news regarding the implementation of foreignObject??
Not yet, do you wish to embed HTML content inside SVG?
I am in desperate need of getting support for foreignObject.

What is the status of this?


Mike Trimm
Cisco Systems, Inc.
What kind of foreign content do you need to embed inside SVG, is it XHTML, or more nested SVG, or something else entirely?
VISIO documents for network topology diagrams.
Can these Visio documents be converted to more SVG? If they are in a proprietary vendor-specific format, Prince will not be able to render them. What is the MIME type for this foreign content?
David J Prokopetz
For my part, I'd still like to see HTML content supported via foreignObject. I've got a collectible card game project on the go that involves converting exported XML documents from a card rules database into laid-out PDFs for the printer (it helps to keep things consistent if the card text is pulled directly from the rules database rather than being maintained separately), and it would simplify our workflow immensely to be able to embed word-wrapped HTML text in the card layout SVG.

As it stands, we have to prepend the graphical elements of each card in SVG format, then absolutely position a separate HTML DIV containing the card text on top of the SVG object. This works, but it's not ideal.