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PDF Watermark

I would like to see the ability to add a custom watermark to PDFs which do not show up when printed, only when viewed digitally - similar to the way in which the Prince logo appears in the trial version.

I am currently using a work around as suggested here: but this unfortunately means that this watermark is visible on the printed documents themselves.

This would really help me out! :D

The watermark would only need to be a string, although the ability to use an image would also be awesome. And being able to adjust the opacity of the watermark would also be a big bonus.
Noted, we will take a look at this.
me too ... but not high priority.

Jim Albright
Wycliffe Bible Translators

Excellent, thank you guys. Not a huge priority, but one which one of our customers is keen to see implemented. Thanks for your continued support.
They have had this on their todo list for a while now, so be patient. For the time being, you can add PDF annotations in post-processing pretty easily if it's something simple like a watermark added on each page. For example, I posted a while back in the samples forum how you could alter the link annotations to have a screen-only outline. You could add a similar similar set-up to your makefile/ant job/however you run Prince to add watermarks.
I cast resurrection! Has this feature been considered recently, @mikeday?
Yes, it's something we still want to do. It's mostly a matter of coming up with new CSS properties or JavaScript APIs to enable it.
I'm reading the posts regarding Watermarks and still trying to figure out if you can change the opacity of an image used for the watermark. I want an image to be used for the watermark but need it to be transparent. Can this be done using PrinceXML?

/* Watermark */
content: url("../images/myLogo.png"); //need this to be transparent in the background
transform: scale( 2 ) ;
padding-top: 6in;
The opacity property doesn't apply to images in page margin boxes, this may be an oversight on our part. However, you can apply it to another image and flow that to the header, something like this:
@page {
    @top {
        content: flow(header)
<img src="logo.png" style="opacity: 0.5; flow: static(header)">
Thank you!