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hyphenation and paragraph improvement

I am absolutely THRILLED with Prince and it's been a wonderful tool in converting my blog to book form for personal archival purposes. However, using it as aggressively as I have I've found a few shortcomings that I'd love to see addressed in the next version. These are all things that are difficult for me to deal with via a pre-processor and really need to be integrated into Prince.

First of all, I'd like to see an expansion on the hyphenation functions. The problem it addresses is when you have a hyphenated paragraph, and the last line is just half a word. This is extremely unattractive. The tag I'd like to see added would be something like this:

prince-hyphenate-words-after: integer

This property specifies the minimum number of words in a paragraph that may be moved to the next line when the preceding word is hyphenated.


Along those lines, it would also be nice to have some control over the minimum number of words on a line, causing a paragraph to be wrapped so that the final line has a certain minimum of words, again to avoid a situation where the last line has just one word on it. I suppose the tag would be similar to the above, perhaps:

prince-line-word-minimum: integer


Finally, I appreciate that "page-break-inside: avoid" is supported, but I think that Prince also needs to support "column-break-inside: avoid". Having an item broken across pages is only marginally worse than an item being broken across columns. They're kind of the same thing. Hopefully this can get added in the next version.
I'll add these to the development roadmap. We do plan to make further improvements to hyphenation support in future releases.