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Incorrect Syriac contextual layout rendering

I ran princexml on a text with Syriac text but the resulting Syriac text was rendered incorrectly and all syriac characters in every word remained in its isolated form. Attached please find two snapshots of the same segment rendered in Word (correct) and prince (incorrect). Is Syriac supported or is this a bug? Syriac is RTL script and has the same rules, all be it simpler, of contextual shaping as in Arabic script. I used prince 8.1 rev 3
  1. UsingPricexml.PNG15.8 kB
    Syriac text rendered in Prince
  2. UsingWord.PNG11.6 kB
    Syriac text rendered in Word
It appears that Prince is only applying the necessary OpenType font features to Arabic text. We should be able to fix this by applying them to Syriac text as well. We will make this change in the next release of Prince.
We have now released Prince 9, which correctly applies OpenType font features to Syriac text. Thank you for letting us know about this issue.