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CSS3 border-image property

As I'm trying to re-create a complex four-color cookbook using Prince, I'm realizing that the border-image property would be very useful!

Even better, it's a candidate recommendation, and so "W3C encourages everybody to implement this specification." :)

I'll add it to the roadmap, we'll get there one day. :)
Just an FYI, your roadmap link that should point to this is broken. I need some nice round dots but they come out square :(

Guess I could try a background image...?
Now that Prince support multiple positionable background images on a single element, perhaps that will help?
Helloooowww *waves from the future dystopia that is 2020* Chrome and Firefox render pretty round dots now. Safari, ironically, is still gauche rectangles. I mean, how long does Prince want to hang out with that awkward browser from the last decade?

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We will take another look at this :D