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Prism.js Highlighter Support

So it looks like Prism.js support is still not done -- at least according to the road map document -- just thought I'd see what the status of that effort is...

I get a different error than what's referenced in this, older post: but still an error nonetheless.

[FWIW, I get the error "unexpected token reserved("boolean")"]

Just curious if this is still something in the works and what the timeline might be... weeks? months? Or if there's a test version available that does support prism.js...
At least a couple of months, it requires support for querySelectorAll and other DOM methods. I think HighlightJS should already be working, though.

Thanks for the update; I'll try HighlightJS and see of that works in the interim.

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Just to follow up, HightlightJS does indeed work just fine with the -- javascript flag. Thank you very much for letting me know.
I think the Prism.js script also works fine now. If you have any sites/pages where Prism does not create the expected output in Prince, it would be interesting to investigate the causes!

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