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Prince 9 GUI

Just had my first experience trying to get something to work with Prince 9. The new GUI front end is pretty but its function seems to be lacking in some areas that make its use kind of tedious:
  • The open dialog always shows the Prince directory in /Program Files. It would save a number of clicks if the dialog remembered the last Open request and presented that same directory to select the file to insert. This applies to XML, CSS and Javascript files.
  • The "Merge all documents into a single PDF file" checkbox and its "Open Folder" button are greyed out until one actually does a "Convert". Should be available before a Convert is done.
  • The earlier edition had a button by which one could view the converted file if the conversion was successful. That seems to be missing. A thought: maybe a checkbox that says "Show PDF after conversion" to avoid clicking something. And show it in a separate window, not the Prince window.
Thanks for the suggestions, we'll add them to the list. :)
Thanks Mike. Another:

If you see, during the conversion, that you made a block-headed decision to add a bunch of debugging LOG outputs in your Javascript, it'd be nice to have a big red STOP! button that would terminate the conversion.

[Voice of experience speaking.]
just a couple of tidbits which would also be nice with the above requests...

1) cut-n-paste would be nice in the add file/url area
(when working on large project, bummer to type them all back in)

2) resizing of the view panels would allow better use of area
(output takes up half of space before anything exists)

3) a help button linked to "" would help newbies like me...

first run at prince, I combined the guide pages into a large pdf (186 pages).
worked great...

luv what I see so far... :-)